Black Male Voter Project was founded by W. Mondale Robinson, who currently serves as the Political Director for Democracy for America and has political and cultural columns on The Village Celebration. He is also the Political Contributor for The Village Celebration national syndicated radio show. W. Mondale has been a lifelong advocate for the expansion of democracy and the protection of voting rights.

He has worked on more than 125 campaigns across the United States and in Africa.

Born 1 of 13 in rural North Carolina he grew up with a front-row seat to obstacles that kept and keeps blacks from voting. With this knowledge and his veteran campaign experience, he created a voter targeting program that would increase black participation in the electoral process with a special focus on black males labeled as low information and/or sporadic voters. The program has been a success and W. Mondale has implemented it successfully in thirteen states (VA, NC, SC, GA, MS, FL, AL, TX, AR, OH, IN, NY, and NJ).

We hope you will join our movement and help us make lasting change.